Holy cow: Wisconsin farmer turns waste into water

A farmer in Wisconsin knows how to extract water from cow manure, and he is not afraid to drink it. John Vrieze, who makes his living as a dairy farmer, recently collaborated with Integrated Separation Solutions, LLC — a company specializing in water purification systems — to implement their newest waste filtration scheme, called NuWay.

Using NuWay, Vrieze can convert 50,000 gallons of manure into water in four hours, reports local news station WEAU News. Although he is still waiting for a DNR permit to use the water on his fields, Vrieze believes the purified product is as safe as tap water.

“Everybody I talk to says this is really great technology the dairy industry needs to change the way they handle liquid manure and this is the biggest change I’ve ever seen in my life, and it’ll really impact the industry,” he told the station.

The NuWay system consists of four steps that allow farmers to use all of their animals’ waste by turning it into not just fertilizer, but also fuel and water.

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Source: WEAU News

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