Toronto youth ask Canada to proclaim water a basic human right

TORONTO – A cadre of youth in Canada believe water is a human right and they are requesting their government to recognize it as such. The group, Youth4Water, plans to take its message to Parliament Hill in March.

According to the Toronto Sun, members have already designed a petition urging Prime Minister Stephen Harper to agree to UN General Comment No.15, which declares the resource as a human right.

The group works with the United Nations Association in Canada (UNAC), Toronto Community Housing and the Institute at Havergal College. It also attended the recent World Water forum in Zaragoza, Spain.

“This is not an issue of economics, or politics, or anything like that,” Shire Brandi, member of the Youth4Water committee, told the Toronto Sun. “This is an issue of survival and it’s a necessity.”

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Source: The Toronto Sun

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