Coping with Less Water

Freshwater is the ultimate renewable resource, but humanity is extracting and polluting it faster than it can be replenished. Rampant economic growth — more homes, more businesses, more water-intensive products and processes, a rising standard of living — has simply outstripped the ready supply, especially in historically dry regions. Compounding the problem, the hydrologic cycle is growing less predictable as climate change alters established temperature patterns around the globe.

The data already shows the era of easy water is ending. Even economically advanced regions face unavoidable pressures — on their industrial output, the quality of life in their cities, their food supply. Wired visited three such areas: the American Southwest, southeastern England, and southeastern Australia. The difficulties these places face today are harbingers of the dawning era of peak water, and their struggles to find solutions offer a glimpse of the challenge ahead.

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Source : Wired

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  1. Nazem says:

    I ask how i can help and protect my Jordanian people living in the desert zones in Jordan from continuos water, decline continuos desertification, soil erodiblity
    decerasing in their foods………provide me Keys for full uderstanding ,then resolving as possible part of these huge probles

  2. kimberly patterson says:

    water shortage sure is a problem. less than 50 years ago most homes had drop loo’s out the back. some countries still use them. since the invention of the flush loo water consumption has risen at a phenomonal rate.Add to that washing machines and dishwashers not to mention showering three times a day and times that by every household in Australia it’s no wonder we are in crisis and that is only the general population add on to that industry water usage and irrigation for farming and the amount of water pouring down the drain is staggering. Excuse gramma just a quick note while in the middle of study.

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