Following the hardest rains in 35 years, Hanoi floods begin to recede

HANOI — At least 92 people are dead after heavy rains and flooding in Vietnam’s capital. The rains were the worst in the last 35 years, forecasters say.

“Our main pump station is running 24 hours a day, pumping 4 million cubic meters of excess water a day,” Nguyen Anh Tu, a representative of the city’s drainage systems, told the Associated Press.

“We hope the water will recede completely from metropolitan Hanoi in the next two days.”

At the height of flooding at least 100 neighborhoods were inundated. With only light showers predicted for the next few days, residents have already started returning home to clean up the mess left by the receding waters.

Five neighborhoods were still underwater Wednesday, according to the AP.

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Source : via the Associated Press

Inset photo by hunganh3, posted under a CC license.

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