Information flow obstructed: Millions in flooded India lack safe drinking water

PATNA, India – The current irony of eastern India is that while water is pouring from the sky, people are almost dying of thirst. Reuters reports that the Indian government has decided to investigate a possibly negligent response to the crisis, after pleas from victims of the monsoon-stricken areas.

At least 3 million people have been displaced. When a dam in Nepal’s Kosi river broke, the rush of water ruined approximately 250,000 acres of farmland. “The breach in Kosi has caused extensive damage to lives and properties and a panel will inquire whether there was any negligence by any individual, institution or government officials,” said Girish Shankar, a senior government official.

In addition to loss of homes and livelihoods, displaced people in flood camps across South Asia suffer from disease as they inadvertently ingest polluted water — a harsh reality during the U.N.’s Year of Sanitation. Thomas Chandy, head of relief agency Save the Children in India, told Reuters, “Conditions in these flood camps are terrible. People use the same stagnant water for bathing as well as washing their clothes and utensils.”

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Source: Reuters

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