Opinion: Is There a Right to Water?

Does water belong to the life-protecting litany of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights? If water is considered a human right, what does that mean for private companies — such as Veolia or Suez? According to an editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle, water’s journey to the U.N. General Assembly has been anything but innocent.

The United Nations is considering the idea, one that comes loaded with controversy because it touches on globalized business, privatization, and poverty. Nothing looks simpler than cool, clear water. But it’s also a $300 billion industry, and 1 billion people have no regular supply.

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Source: San Francisco Chronicle, WaterWired

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  1. Pooja says:

    Yes… I do think that there is a right to water. But i do not support the fact that there is a right to the pollution of water.. It is a very precious thing and its gotta lot and lot of importance.. Not speaking diplomatically, I totally agree with this.. We have absolutely no right to pollute water in anyway..

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