Could Fixing the Pipes Fix the Pockets of 400,000 Unemployed?

Could money and maintenance problems in the United States manage their own solutions? The nation’s economy is struggling. Its infrastructure balances on the brink of collapse. Many of its citizens are unemployed.

According to the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the federal government’s stimulus package should be spent on repairing these problems, or at least for starters the rusty pipes that currently deliver water to billions of people and business nationwide.

The AWWA suggests that prioritizing infrastructure has multiple benefits. “Shovel-ready” projects could create 400,000 jobs. Each job in water utilities is likely to inspire 3.7 jobs in other parts of the industry, the association cites from the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Paying attention to water pays off, they suggest — with every dollar invested reaping six times that amount.

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Source: American Water Works Association

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