The Stream, August 4: The Debt Deal and the Environment

The debt deal reached by the White House and the U.S. Congress will likely slash the funding for many energy and environmental programs for years to come, including those dealing with fuel cells, wind and nuclear energy, as well as drinking water and pollution monitoring efforts, according to Yale Environment 360. Mother Jones gives more details.

Lao villagers are bracing for relocation as the controversial Xayaburi hydropower dam project on the Mekong River is set to move forward, IRIN reported.

Photographer Adam Ferguson documents the Mekong River Basin at a critical time of economic and social transition.

Debris from the space shuttle Columbia, which burned up on re-entry in 2003, was found in a drought-stricken lake in eastern Texas, BBC reported.

This shrinking of freshwater sources in the Middle East and North Africa has opened opportunities for developers of water and wastewater treatment, recycle and reuse, as well as the distribution and sewage collection networks, new analysis shows.

Two of Nepal’s glaciers are shrinking faster than before and look poised to disappear in time to come, Reuters reported, citing Japanese scientists.

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