The Stream, May 9: Adapting to Climate Change

Genetically-modified crops are not the solution to Europe’s growing food demand, according to the European Union’s farm commissioner.

Warming temperatures are affecting European farming more severely than North America’s, according to a new climate study published in the journal Science. The study found that the climate shifts over the past three decades are linked to a 5.5-percent-decline in global wheat production, though climate change impacts vary across the globe.

This National Geographic photo essay portrays how densely-populated Bangladesh is adapting to climate-induced floods and rising sea levels.

China’s growing middle class is pushing the country’s environmental policies, the EU climate action commissioner said.

Europe’s first purpose-built, super-efficient, carbon-neutral smart city is underway in Portugal. While the innovative urban space will manage its own waste, water, electricity and traffic, the project seems like a giant experiment bordering utopia, according to EUobserver.

Meanwhile, Ohio plans to build the first offshore wind farm in the Great Lakes, Reuters reports.

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  1. Dan Forner says:

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