The Stream, November 8: Cleaning the Yellowstone River Oil Spill

When Texans head to the ballot box today, they will be asked to vote on a constitutional amendment that would give tax breaks to landowners who conserve water and preserve water quality, Associated Press reported.

United States
Energy company Exxon Mobil said that its response to the July oil spill into the Yellowstone River in Montana would cost about $135 million, Reuters reported.

A U.S. company has proposed to tap into a Southern California aquifer the size of Rhode Island to supply 400,000 people with drinking water, according to Associated Press. Though the project is backed by five water agencies, many conservationists are worried.

Eight months after Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, Tokyo Electric Power Co. has found dangerous levels of radiation at its crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, Bloomberg reported.

Even with a new multi-billion dollar water-management policy, water-logged Thailand will struggle to prevent a repeat disaster in the short term, according to Reuters.

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