The Stream, September 16: Corporate Sustainability Ranking

What are the largest additions and deletions in the 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes?

The Obama administration should reject the false division between environmental protection and the economy, according to this editorial in the journal Nature.

A new online database tracks the “anti-environment” votes by the current U.S. Congress, The New York Times Green blog reported.

Southwestern China is facing another round of drought and power shortages, according to the Economic Observer.

China’s Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydropower facility in the world, is expected to start operating at full capacity by the end of October, Xinhua reported.

How can the global wine industry adapt to climate change, and the accompanying shifts in consumer preferences and the geography of wine demand?

Water and electricity facilities in Misrata, the Libyan port city that was central to the revolt that ousted Muammar Gaddafi, are badly damaged and in urgent need of repair, Reuters reported. The situation in Misrata underscores the challenge facing Libya’s National Transitional Council as it tries to rebuild the country.

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