The Stream, April 6: Radioactive Water Leaks Again At Fukushima

Twelve tons of radioactive water leaked from a pipeline and may have reached the sea at Japan’s damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said, Bloomberg News reported. The site has suffered repeated leaks, and 100,000 tons of wastewater are still being stored in basements.

The World Bank is handing over $US 8 million to the Mekong River Commission to encourage dialogue and prevent conflict over trans-boundary water management in the lower Mekong Basin, Xinhua reported.

A drought in China has spread to 13 provinces and is affecting 4 million hectares of crops, according to Xinhua.

With Abu Dhabi’s fresh water demand expected to reach 6.6 trillion liters annually by 2030, the United Arab Emirates needs more investment in its water sector, an expert told the Agribusiness Outlook Forum in Dubai, Gulf News reported.

United States
An interactive map and report released by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) assesses how prepared states are for climate change impacts on water resources. Look for your state here.

The agriculture and energy industries are vying for unallocated water in Colorado, where farmers face bidding competition from companies that supply water for hydraulic fracturing, The Denver Post reported.

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