The Stream, June 11: Oil Spill in Canadian River

Government officials in Alberta, Canada are telling people downstream of an oil spill to stay away from the Red Deer River, according to the Calgary Herald. Plains Midstream Canada estimates roughly 475,000 liters (125,000 gallons) leaked from one of its pipelines on Thursday. In April 2011, the company reported a spill of more than 4.5 million liters (1.2 million gallons) in a pipeline elsewhere in the province.

The Australian government will spend US$492 million (AU$500 million) on four water conservation and efficiency projects in the Murray-Darling River Basin, ABC News reports.

Four Israelis were arrested for sabotaging a pipeline supplying water to a Bedouin community near Jerusalem, Haaretz reports.

The Texas Tribune is running a four-part series on water use in the state in an age of drought. So far, the online newspaper has examined water rates and desalination.

Food and Drink
Salon has an excerpt from the journalist Fred Pearce’s new book on land grabs.

Good beer needs good water, which provides each beer its unique flavor. NPR’s The Salt blog takes a look at how craft brewers need to “tweak” the chemistry of their water when they build breweries in different parts of the country.

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