The Stream, June 15: New Delhi Faces Water Crisis

India’s capital city of New Delhi is facing an increasingly severe water crisis as the nearby state of Haryana refuses to release more water, the Times of India reported. Haryana claims New Delhi is taking more than its share, with much of the water being lost to leaks during transport.

Sectarian violence between Muslims and Buddhists in Myanmar has displaced 30,000 people, who are in need of food, shelter and water, Reuters reported.

One of the largest United States health care providers has publicly recognized that climate change is a significant threat to good health, citing severe weather and increases in disease, the Harvard Business Review reported.

A new study is looking into using geothermal and waste-heat resources to desalinate water in Australia, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported. Researchers believe the method could lead to cheaper water resources for rural communities.

The European Investment Bank is loaning Spain $US 441 million to improve water and sanitation infrastructure in the country’s five Mediterranean river basins, according to Bloomberg News. Projects will focus on water supply systems, desalination, irrigation and environmental protection.

Bulgaria has eased its ban on hydraulic fracturing to allow exploration for conventional oil and gas, but the change will not allow fracking exploration for shale gas deposits, Reuters reported.

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