Infographic: A Drought and Water Policy Timeline for Georgia

It is not clear whether any of the new policy, planning, and supply initiatives are making a difference.

Georgia’s latest deep drought is not only challenging the resolve of state residents, it is also testing measures that Georgia has taken since a devastating dry spell in 2007, including new laws, a new planning process, and new money for water supply projects that were designed to put the state on a path to a more secure water future. Click on the infographic below to see the policies enacted in the state.

drought water policy timeline Georgia

Infographic © Alec Aja / Circle of Blue
Infographic: A timeline of water policies and droughts in Georgia from 2004 to 2012. Click image to enlarge.

Alec Aja is an undergraduate student at Grand Valley State University and a Traverse City-based design intern for Circle of Blue. This infographic was made to accompany an article by Circle of Blue’s Seattle reporter, Brett Walton: Lessons Learned? How Drought Has Shaped Water Policy in Georgia. Reach them at or contact Brett Walton directly.

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