The Stream, April 23: Looming Storms Threaten Communities Along the Great Lakes

Looming storms are keeping communities along the Great Lakes on their toes. Even a small increase in rain will cause alarm to communities whom have been watching the rivers licking at uncomfortably high levels. Last week’s sudden downpours have caused 114 barges to break loose south of St. Louis and are blamed for at least three deaths, Washington Post reported.

The 800 toxic sites in Western New York are a potential threat not only for local residents but also for the Great Lakes, Boston Globe reported. A new study on hazardous waste sites in Western New York found that the majority of these sites were directly adjacent to the Great Lakes.

Texas Town Without Water
Last Wednesday’s explosion at West Fertilizer Co. destroyed the city’s water system as well, Yahoo! News reported. Officials announced that hundred’s of residents could be without water for more than a week. Many residents are already without power.

Sichuan Earthquake Secondary Disasters
The Sichuan earthquake damaged 54 dams. The coming flood season is a huge threat to the already unstable area, South China Morning Post reported. Secondary disasters such as mudslides and additional damage to the dams and hydropower project must be prepared for.

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