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The Stream, January 18: Famine Risk In Somalia As Drought Cuts Food Security

The Global Rundown Drought and conflict could once again tip Somalia into famine, according to the United Nations and early warning agencies. An outbreak of typhoid in Zimbabwe’s capital has highlighted the city’s water and sanitation problems. A growing demand for lithium, used for products like electric car batteries, could pressure water supplies in the […]


The Stream, June 11: Groundwater Depletion Could Cost Pakistan Its Food Security

The Global Rundown An attack on an oil pipeline has spilled several thousand barrels of crude into a Colombia river. Groundwater is declining fast in Pakistan‘s breadbasket region. The capital of Ghana is ill-equipped to handle heavy rain. “It’s a social and environmental tragedy.” — Juan Carlos Echeverry, CEO of Colombia’s state-run oil company Ecopetrol, […]


The Stream, April 16: Yemen’s Food Security Further Deteriorates

The Global Rundown Vanuatu‘s access to safe water has not been fully restored one month after Cyclone Pam, and a small Philippine island’s shallow aquifer is still contaminated 17 months after Typhoon Haiyan. Single-serve brewers are reducing overall coffee demand, and fighting in Yemen is further threatening Yemenis’ food security. Celebrities and CEOs in California […]


The Stream, July 22: Drought Strains Food Security in Lebanon

Rainfall has been far below average in Lebanon, leading to water shortages for farmers and a drop in fruit and vegetable production, Inter Press Service reported. As a result, food prices are rising and straining food security for Syrian refugees and border communities in the country. Energy China’s National Energy Administration cautioned regional developers to […]


The Stream, December 30: Dry Middle East Countries Search for Food Security

Food Production Countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which rely heavily on food imports due to a lack of water and arable land within their borders, are shifting their agricultural investments from developing countries in Africa to developed countries in Europe and North America, Reuters reported. Political instability and a backlash over “land grabs” in […]


The Stream, June 18: Drought Weakens Haiti’s Food Security

Food Security The current drought in Haiti is one of several natural disasters that have damaged the country’s food supply and reduced the resilience of small farming communities, AlertNet reported. The United Nations World Food Programme warned that 1.5 million Haitians could go hungry. Floods At least 70 people are dead due to flash floods […]


Food Security: Destroyed Agricultural Infrastructure Drops Production in Syria

Irrigation canals have been severely damaged, large poultry farms have been destroyed, and now close to 10 percent of Syrians who remained inside the country’s borders are in need of food assistance — these are just a few of the side effects of the ongoing conflict in the war-torn country that will likely have ramifications on food security for years to come.


The Stream, October 17: Environment Harmed in Rush for Food Security, UNEP Report Finds

Global investments in food security are degrading the environment, eroding the foundation that delivers much-needed food to the world. An environmental focus will assure sustainable food production, according to a report from the UN Environment Program, reported by Xinhua. Happy (Almost) Birthday, Clean Water Act A moment of celebration for a turning point in the […]


The Stream, May 30: Groundwater Depletion Threatens U.S. Food Security

Agriculture Groundwater depletion in major food-producing areas of the United States could threaten food security, according to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that maps where and when groundwater is being used, PhysOrg reported. A new, interactive data portal released by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization […]