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The Stream, July 15: Countries Searching for Solutions to Unbalanced Water Systems

The Global Rundown Countries around the world are turning away from hydropower in favor of less risky sources of sustainable energy. Both Bangladesh and China are looking to improve their agricultural processes while employing water more effectively. A new U.S. university study indicates re-flooding waterways left bare by dams may do more harm than good. Despite the much anticipated arrival […]


Federal Water Tap, July 5: Florida Senators Tour the Algae Coast

The Rundown Huge bloom of toxic algae on Florida coast send officials looking for quick fixes to chronic problem. Federal science review of nonstick chemicals, sometimes found in groundwater near industrial facilities, finds strong evidence that they damage human immune systems. Clean energy agreement could help Canadian hydropower. Federal dam in Montana without hydropower might […]


Federal Water Tap, May 2: Senate Committee Passes $US 9 Billion Water Development Act

The Rundown Broad, bipartisan bill offers money for Flint, ports, levees and clears its first legislative hurdle. Meanwhile, a Great Lakes funding bill passes the House. The EPA begins developing a national drinking water strategy. The Obama administration, by releasing or beginning several reports, makes good on its promise to investigate water technology. An EPA […]


The Stream, March 2: Drought Looms in Central Asia

The Global Rundown Central Asia should prepare for scarce water supplies in the Amu Darya river basin this year, according to the president of Tajikistan. A drought in Africa has cut water flows over Victoria Falls to 30-year lows. Shutting off the water supply to New Delhi was a calculated move by protesters frustrated by […]


The Stream, February 16: World Capable of Closing Food Gaps With Better Water Management

The Global Rundown Improving water management could significantly narrow the gap between food production and food demand globally by mid-century, a new study found. Beijing pledged to clean up waterways polluted with untreated sewage by 2018, and officials in Tanzania warned that untreated sewage in Lake Victoria threatens the health of communities. Fiji became the […]


The Stream, January 20: Global Fish Catches Falling Quickly, Study Finds

The Global Rundown Overfishing is depleting fisheries and causing global fish catches to decline faster than previously thought, according to a new study. Thailand is drilling thousands of new wells to combat drought, water levels in the Kariba dam shared by Zambia and Zimbabwe are dropping, and food shortages are threatening refugees at a camp […]


Federal Water Tap, September 7: EPA Proposes Ban on Sewer Disposal of Hazardous Medications by Hospitals

The Rundown President Obama visits Alaska, to talk climate change. The EPA proposes a ban on flushing certain medications down the drain. Might the Gold King mine spill revive interest in Congress in mining reform? The National Academy of Sciences assesses the Everglades restoration while the New Jersey coast builds resilience against flooding. “I’ve come […]