Economics and Water Concerns Alter the Solar Landscape in the US West

The falling price of photovoltaic panels and public concerns…

Visions of Solar Energy’s Future Compete in Colorado’s San Luis Valley

The U.S. government is in the process of designating more than 6,000 hectacres of federal land for solar energy development. As companies line up to submit projects, some valley residents are questioning the centralized model of energy generation and are, instead, trying to shape an independent energy future.

The Stream, December 2: Climate Change Negotiations

The United States, along with Russia, Canada, Japan, China and…

Proposed Nevada Pipeline and Water Rights: Report Describes Worst-case Scenario, State Engineer Hears Case

On Monday, the Nevada state engineer will hear opening arguments in a water-rights case that has been ongoing for more than two decades. If passed, the construction of an extensive infrastructure network could dramatically raise the average monthly water bill for many of the state's residents, as well as impact public lands and endangered species.

California Approves World’s Largest Solar Power Project

The solar project will use groundwater, but its effect on the Colorado River water needs to be determined.