Peter Gleick: Water Emergencies — Time for New Plans and Technology

The world faces a wide range of serious, complex, and long-term water challenges, from shortages to contamination to local and regional disputes over water to long-term climate changes. But there are other challenges that are short-term, emergency situations that could also be addressed by some new thinking and new technology.

Research Program Investigates Norway’s Potential as Europe’s Battery

Norway could use its hydropower reservoirs to balance wind energy in an integrated electrical grid.

Groundbreaking Norwegian Power Plant Generates Electricity From Water

New alternative energy plant in Norway is the first of its kind, but could be a common alternative energy in the future. The world’s first osmotic power plant opened in Norway on Tuesday. The plant uses a combination of freshwater, seawater and a special membrane to generate emission-free electricity.

Melting Glaciers Changing Europe’s Energy Outlook

What happens when a dependable source of clean, renewable energy becomes unreliable?

Globalized Water vs. Globalized Cola?

When water taps dry up, Lemon Cola may fill out the emergency…

New Amazon Deforestation Plan Grows Money on Trees

Brazil has a new plan to reduce deforestation by 70 percent over…

Virtual geology: New map to expose hidden water, minerals, and oil

LILLESTROEM, Norway - A new geological map, launched in Norway,…