Feature stories from the Choke Point: China series.


Faced with irrigation restrictions, many farmers in eastern Hebei Province look for other ways to make a living.

Off the Deep End — Beijing’s Water Demand Outpaces Supply Despite Conservation, Recycling, and Imports

How China's capital got in over its head, and what the city is doing to get its water crisis under control.

Water Needs Curtail China’s Coal Gasification For Fuel, Yet Conversion To Chemicals Pushes Ahead

Though coal-to-liquids has been suspended due to water scarcity, the process uses 50 percent less water per unit of end product compared with coal-to-chemicals processes which have been given the go-ahead in hopes of slowing petroleum imports.
Ma Jun on China's Economic Development.

Q&A: Ma Jun on China’s Economic Development and Water Resources

Ma Jun tells Circle of Blue that China is still on the track of a highly energy- and resource-intensive model, with the need to de-couple economic growth from the expansion of resource consumption
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Bohai Sea Pipeline Could Open China’s Northern Coal Fields

Disputed project seen as a must for modernization.

Surge of New Dams in Southwest China Produces Power and Public Ire

Water-rich region, though, is getting dryer.

China Responds to Explosive Growth, Pollution, and Water Scarcity in Latest Five-Year Plan

Will momentum for runaway development be too powerful to restrain?
China Water Energy Sustainable Growth

Focusing on Sustainable Growth — China Releases Draft of 12th Five-Year Plan

Clearly wary about the consequences of its rapid economic development on the environment, China has set a path over the next five years to reduce consumption of the two most important resources that power its economy— coal and water. The country plans to rein in water use and introduces new energy intensity reduction targets in pursuit of more sustainable economic growth, according to the draft proposal of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the master economic blueprint that will chart China’s development through 2015.
Yellow River: China

Water Rights Transfers and High-Tech Power Plants Hold off Energy-Water Clash in Northern China

Along the Yellow River, China acts on looming crisis with ambitious…

A Dry and Anxious North Awaits China’s Giant, Unproven Water Transport Scheme

Authorities anticipate approval for new western line to tap energy reserves. Sparks and the blue flare of arc welders, like hot stars in the night sky, illuminate the interior of a massive water tunnel that crosses underneath the Yellow River.

New Wind and Solar Sectors Won’t Solve China’s Water Scarcity

Clean alternatives help, but not nearly enough, to loosen energy-water choke point

Choke Point: China – Confronting Water Scarcity and Energy Demand in the World’s Largest Country

An escalating confrontation over resources; a confrontation with global implications.