The Stream, January 16: Asian Carp

Lake Erie and some of its biggest tributary rivers have just…

The Stream, January 3: Quake Concerns Suspend Well Operations in Ohio

Ohio has suspended operations at five deep wells used to dispose…

The Stream, December 1: Australia's Coal-seam Gas Development

Australia's fast-growing coal-seam gas industry is a "relatively…

The Stream, November 7: EPA Fracking Report Due in 2014

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will release its final…
Public Art Purple Pipe

Mixing Art and Technology: North America’s Largest Membrane-filtration Sewage Plant Opens Near Seattle

The $1.8 billion Brightwater facility, 10 miles northeast of Seattle, eschews old notions of what a sewage plant is. State-of-the-art membrane technology produces reusable water, a trail system allows outdoor recreation, and wetlands give salmon a place to spawn.

Peter Gleick and Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins: Jobs and Water for America

Every year, our old water infrastructure spills 860 million gallons of untreated waste into America’s waterways, including raw or partially treated sewage, bacteria, parasites, synthetic hormones, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural wastes.

The Stream, September 14: Global Climate Spending Grows

Global climate-protection spending totaled a record $567 billion…

St. Louis Sewer District and U.S. Justice Department Reach Record $4.7 Billion Clean Water Act Settlement

The sewer district joins more than 40 American municipalities…

The Stream, May 5: Soaring Population

The world's population could explode to 10.1 billion by the end…

The Stream, March 2: Shale Uncovered

In the next chapter of its gas drilling series, The New York…
Post Katrina Water Issues in New Orleans

Plugging a Leak — Post-Katrina New Orleans Wants Feds to Pay for Water System Overhaul

City officials have something to prove, and the city has a lot riding on it.

Bottling Wastewater Expands Island’s Oasis—Singapore’s NEWater Path to Independence

Singapore is first to bottle and sell wastewater for drinking.