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The Stream, September 18: Water-Energy Nexus and WASH for Children

Oil and Water
Ahead of the worldwide Global Frackdown planned for September 22, Food and Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter blogs about fracking “apologists,” stating: you’re hurting renewables and you’re greenwashing too. The only answer is a fracking ban, says Hauter.

A blog post from Amy Mall of the National Resources Defense Council takes a look at the latest news regarding health and water issues related to fracking.

New developments in the Keystone XL pipeline stir up tensions with Native American tribes in Cushing, Oklahoma. Plans for the pipeline development would have it run through lands belonging to the Sac and Fox Nations, whose members are divided on whether to permit development or endeavor to stop it, reports the Washington Post.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Children
WaterAid Chief Executive David Winder explains how and why WASH projects are saving lives and boosting economic growth. His article, in The Huffington Post, argues that continued improvement of and support for WASH programs is the key to further improving on the dropping child mortality rates around the globe.

An Oxfam blog post examines the WASH situation of refugees fleeing into Uganda from the Democratic Republic of Congo, looking at children’s roles and experiences with water at the Rwamwanja camp. Due to increasing numbers of refugees entering the camp, adequate access to WASH is still a struggle there.

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Author: Allison Voglesong   is an editorial intern for Circle of Blue based out of Traverse City, Michigan. She holds a BA in International Relations from Michigan State University's James Madison College. Her interests include water pricing, environmental economics and policy, and conflict mediation.

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