College cafeterias drop trays to save water

GLENVILLE, W.Va — College cafeterias across the nation are ditching trays in order to become more “green”, LiveScience reports.

The move, intended to reduce the amount of water consumed and the amount of waste products making it into the watershed, saves thousands of gallons daily.

At Georgia Tech, enrollment 18,000, their no-tray policy saves nearly 3000 gallons a day. The University of Florida — 50,000 students strong — estimates a savings of 470,000 gallons this year. And, the 2,000-student University of Maine at Farmington has already saved 288,000 gallons since implementing its policy in 2007.

The move is not welcomed by all though. In an interview with LiveScience, freshman Rebecca Riffle of Glenville State said “I think that’s kind of ridiculous. Whenever there’s a bunch of people here at one time, it gets crazy. You have people bumping into you, so if you’re balancing stuff, you’re going to end up dropping something or breaking something.”

Still as the trend gains steam across the nation, many are left to wonder: in a world without trays what are the freshman going to use for sleds this winter semester?

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