Colorado Supreme Court: Water laws must be transparent

ALAMOSA, Colorado – A significantly water-stressed state, Colorado takes a step forward as it establishes a standing Water Court Committee as part of its Supreme Court. According to the Valley Courier, the committee just released its first report, “Timely, Fair and Effective Water Courts.

The report sets out nine recommendations. Among them, the committee suggests making water court processes more understandable to the general public, as well as ensuring that attorneys are adequately knowledgeable about the resource.

Chief Justice Mary J. Mullarkey, who established the committee, originally gave the Water Court Committee its August deadline — a deadline it easily met. Chairman Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hobbs says, “I look forward to continuing my role in working with these individuals who are dedicated to the importance of beneficial use for one of Colorado’s most limited resources.”

“Through this review we took public input and heard the concerns about the water court process being too expensive and taking too much time,” he explains, “I am confident that the committee’s recommendations will result in more effective and efficient case management.”

Read more here and here.

Sources: Valley Courier, Colorado Judicial Court

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