Sculpture exhibit, Aquifer, to showcase water

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Water will be the theme for the Washington Sculptors Group’s upcoming exhibit, Aquifer. According to the exhibit’s curators, Aquifer will display work from a variety of artists who “articulate water’s beauty and spiritual qualities, augment understanding of its science, and intensify our society’s political awareness.”

Housed at the Edison Gallery in Washington D.C., the exhibit will engage the public in diverse experiences of water “from the political to the spiritual, the scientific to the economic.” Curators and artists will also convene a panel to explore the ways water issues impact communities.

About the image: “Llum d’onada” by Kazue Taguchi will be featured at the upcoming exhibit, Aquifer. Taguchi’s art aims to recreate the light cast by the moon on moving water.

Read more here [pdf].

Source: Washington Sculptor’s Group

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  1. Dorian Roffe-Hammond says:

    Aquifer sounds like a great idea. I enjoyed the recent Water exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Will there be a photo catalogue to commemorate the Aquifer exhibit?

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