Drought-stricken district in Inner Mongolia receives Swedish no-flush toilets

DONGSHENG, Inner Mongolia – In a rapidly growing, water-starved region of Inner Mongolia, a project backed by Sweden’s Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) offers residents waterless toilets. Using no-flush, composting toilets cut household water consumption by one-third, reports the Swedish English daily The Local citing a report in the nation’s Svenska Dagbladet.

Since 2002, SEI has already installed the dry toilets in almost 1000 apartments. While residents appreciate the conservation, they point out that the new technology leaves an unpleasant odor in their homes.

“We were sceptical to begin with but now that the construction has been modified it is all working fine now. To live in this region in the long term we have to regulate the consumption of water. We will just have to put up with the initial inconvenience,” confessed Dongsheng resident Mang Lai to Svenska Dagbladet.

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Source: The Local

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