FLOW: Documentary humanizes international water politics

Described as water’s Inconvenient Truth, recently released documentary For the Love of Water (FLOW) takes important steps toward provoking public discussion around the crisis threatening one of humanity’s most critical resources.

“The film questions the very nature of water and our relation to it,” says director Irena Salina. “It shows how local action can challenge giant corporations, and how the privatization of water has jeopardized the way of life for entire populations.”

FLOW chronicles the stories of people across the world as they fight for their right to water: it follows a community of concerned citizens in Michigan as they take on a corporate water-bottling plant; it shows the massive protests of the Bolivian people against water privatization; it documents simple technology implemented across India to cope with water shortages.

“One of the things that became immediately apparent to me was that water is a truly unifying element. We all need it, we all want it and more than anything else in the world it is the one thing that connects us all,” comments Salina.

FLOW was an official selection at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. It won the International Jury Prize at the 2008 Mumbai Film Festival, as well as awards at the Flagstaff Mountain and Vail Film Festivals. The documentary is set to show at theaters in New York and Los Angeles the second week of September.

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  1. W.L. Efua Abogyewa - Robinson says:

    I am very interested in our planet’s waters. Is it possible if I could view this doc on the web? Please respond.

    Thank you

  2. sophia says:

    how can someone with no money help get something done about this. i mean stop the world bank from threatening developing countries and make water companies pay for the purification of water, if they are going to make such a profit they can at least ensure that it will be safe to consume. hopefully one day it wll be free like it once was, but history tells us this is not likely to happen. in any case i would like to do something to fight back if i can.

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