Drought-stricken Cyprus Makes Stink About Smelly Imported Water

NICOSIA – Cypriots’ water hopes are about to evaporate during one of their driest summers ever, Reuters reports. Although a tanker carrying water from Greece arrived two weeks ago, a lack of infrastructure prevented offloading. Now, officials claim, the water has stagnated and carries an unpleasant smell. It will have to be deposited into the aquifer first.

No one is sure how long it will take the water to filter through and reach residents. With reservoirs, such as in Kouris, below 10 percent full, Cyprus is thirsting for solutions. Resident Niki Soteriou reports that “we only have (running) water twice a week.” Despite complaints made in the wake of Greece’s first shipment, a second boat is due to arrive any day.

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Source: Reuters

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