Infographic: U.S. Water Shortage Forecast — 2013 Prediction Map

The extent of state shortages likely over the next decade under average water conditions.

Scientists, researchers, and others warn that the U.S. is entering a new era of water scarcity. A General Accounting Office (GAO) report from 2003 has proven prophetic. The report projected that 36 states could face water shortages by 2013. Five years sooner than forecast, the report has proved disturbingly prophetic.

The states’ water authorities responded to a survey asking them to categorize their potential water problems, and their responses are highlighted here. At least three states that face water challenges — California, New Mexico, and Michigan — did not respond to the survey.

Infographic US United States Drought U.S. Water Scarcity

Map © Eric Daigh/Circle of Blue
Infographic: U.S. Water Shortages — Extent of state shortages likely over the next decade under average water conditions

Infographic by Eric Daigh, a Traverse City-based designer for Circle of Blue and can be reached at This infographic was made to accompany an article by Keith Schneider, Circle of Blue’s senior editor: U.S Faces Era of Water Scarcity.

Source: Freshwater Supply: States’ View of How Federal Agencies Could Help Them Meet the Challenges of Expected Shortages

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