New desalinization plant for seemingly water-rich New England

BOSTON, MA – In order to keep up with demand, the city of Brockton, Massachusetts, will began piping in some 4 million gallons of freshwater each day from a new desalinization plant. The plant, situated near the delta of Taunton River, will use reverse-osmosis to turn brackish tidal waters into potable drinking water.

Opening a costly desalination plant in New England, where rainfall and river-systems would seem adequate, may be more necessary then it appears. In interview with the Christian Science Monitor, Robert Tannenwald, the director of the New England Public Policy Center at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, said, “there’s still a general mind-set [in New England] that water as a resource is not in scarce supply – but it is … We waste a lot of water. There’s a lot of leaky pipes around here. So economics has to kick in and water has to be priced accordingly for the waste to stop.”

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Source : Christian Science Monitor

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