The Stream, November 16: Air Pollution Worsens Droughts and Floods

Wind-generated electricity will cost the same as electricity from fossil fuels by 2016, according to a new study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Air pollution from aerosols like soot and dust can amplify droughts and floods, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported, citing a new study from the University of Maryland. The aerosols affect cloud formation, increasing precipitation in wet regions and inhibiting rain in dry regions.

Climate change could significantly alter water availability in Africa’s river basins, complicating efforts by governments to share water resources, UPI reported.

Australian oil company Santos will delay its coal seam gas drilling in New South Wales until March to allow for a study of the operation’s water impacts, according to Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, the government of New South Wales pressured the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to allow the mining industry greater access to ground water, according to a letter obtained by Friends of the Earth, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

United States
The Northeast’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative carbon-trading scheme saved money and jobs, The New York Times reported, citing a recent study. Despite this, some states are considering dropping out of the program.

Polluted water from Thailand’s floods could harm marine life in the Gulf of Thailand by decreasing salinity levels, Xinhua reported.

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