The Stream, December 14: Melting Arctic Releases Greenhouse Gas

Thawing permafrost is releasing large plumes of methane gas into the atmosphere from the Arctic seabed, Russian researchers found, according to the Independent. If the trend continues, scientists fear the greenhouse gas could significantly impact climate change.

Severe weather events such as monsoons and hurricanes may add stress to fault lines, triggering earthquakes, Discovery News reported, citing research presented at the annual American Geophysical Union meeting.

Fossil fuels will continue to play a significant role in Australia’s energy policy, according to a government white paper, The Australian reported. The report dismisses renewable energy as an unrealistic way to currently provide for the country’s energy needs.

Natural gas companies in Texas and Colorado will be required to disclose the chemicals they use for hydraulic fracturing, Bloomberg News reported. The new state regulations take effect this spring.

Experts told AlertNet what Thailand can do to prevent future flood disasters.

Water investments are worth about $6 billion in assets, and some investors expect the market to grow as the resource becomes scarce, according to Reuters.

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