The Stream, June 14: Reports on Water Infrastructure and Global Energy Use

Aging water and sewer infrastructure and finding the money to pay for repairs are top concerns for U.S. water utility leaders, according to a survey from Black and Veatch, an engineering and consulting firm.

BP released its annual Statistical Review of World Energy, a comprehensive assessment of global energy trends. Energy demand in the wealthy countries of the OECD shrank by 0.8 percent last year, while energy use in emerging economies increased by 5.3 percent. Find a mind-boggling amount of data in the full report.

Low reservoir levels in Uruguay in May reduced hydroelectric output and forced the country to import electricity from neighbors Argentina and Brazil.

United States
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a new planning framework for managing stormwater and sewers. The voluntary guidance will provide more flexibility to communities in how they achieve Clean Water Act goals.

The U.S. Forest Service issued special permits that will allow a ‘shovel brigade’ to repair water lines that supply the town of Tombstone, Arizona. The water infrastructure is in a federal wilderness area, which has given rise to a legal struggle over access.

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