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Thirsty Cyprus to Ship Water from Greece

NICOSIA – Drought-hit Cyprus on Monday signed an agreement with a Cypriot shipping firm to ferry eight million cubic metres of water from Greece to help ease the island’s water crisis. Most households on the Mediterranean island, a major tourist destination, have water only four days a week after the government last month reduced supplies […]

Angola investing in “water for all”

DUNDO, Angola – The Angolan government will invest 21 million US dollars in the construction and improvement of systems of drinking water supply in the northeastern Lunda Norte Province. According to the provincial director for electricity and water, Luís Marques, who informed that the project is in the ambit of the national program called “water […]

Australian River Health Declining

Australian government leaders ordered an audit of skills shortages in water management to be completed by June after a government report warned it was the most critical capacity-building issue. Kevin Rudd’s Government has run hard on climate change and water, signing the Kyoto Protocol on carbon emissions and ending a year-long impasse over the Victorian […]

Investing in China’s water

BEIJING – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said on Thursday it will join three Singaporean firms in investing in a new company that helps China develop water projects. The ADB will invest 4 million U.S. dollars in the newly-established Asia Infrastructure Project Development Company (AIPC), taking a 40 percent stake, said the ADB’s China office. […]

Coke thirsts to be water neutral

Coke has good business reasons to take sustainability seriously. Its brand is all-important. It depends on clean water, a scarce resource. And the company has been stung by alleged misdeeds. Although no one ever proved a connection, a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Kerala, India, was shut down in 2004 after nearby wells went dry. That […]

Water investing: Expecting a flood of IPOs

NEW YORK – With investor thirst for companies in the water purification sphere sparking a wave of acquisitions in recent years, more privately held companies in the sector are likely to go public in hopes of boosting their value. Sparked by growing concerns over clean water shortages, the increased infrastructure needs of developing countries, more […]

“First nations” need clean water

OTTAWA – Water quality is a persistent problem in many First Nations communities in Canada. As of April 11, there were 92 communities under a drinking water advisory. One of the Conservative government’s top priorities is to continue to improve access to safe drinking water on First Nations communities, the federal minister responsible for aboriginal […]

Plan to clean the Ganges

India’s sacred river, the Ganges, supports over 400 million people, and for many, is an important symbol of purity. But as it travels along its 1,500-mile journey through India, over 1.4 billion liters of untreated waste water are dumped into it each day. Read More here. Source : The Pacific Institute