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Earth Day: Time to review ways to help save the environment — and money

An article in Canada’s Chronicle Herald online marking Earth Day 2008 offers tips for saving both the environment and money, including not purchasing bottled water, reducing household water waste, and spot cleaning clothes to reduce laundry, among others. Read more here. source: The ChronicleHerald.ca/The Halifax [Nova Scotia] Herald Limited

China tests water after 200 sickened

BEIJING – China has ordered quality checks on barreled water around the country after polluted water made more than 200 people sick, newspapers said on Tuesday. The victims, all from the southwestern province of Guizhou, fell ill with hepatitis A in the last few weeks, the Beijing News said. Read More here. Source : Reuters

The great resource crisis of the 21st century: Water

UK – The great slow-burning, under-reported resource crisis of the 21st century is water. Climate change, over-consumption and the criminally inefficient use of this most basic raw material are all to blame. I wrote a book three years ago called When The Rivers Run Dry – because many of the world’s biggest rivers are indeed […]

Canada’s water woes worsen

CANADA – With six per cent of the world’s “renewable” fresh water, Canada has the third largest collection of fresh water, after Brazil and Russia. But the map doesn’t tell all. And 60 per cent of Canada’s fresh water drains northward, away from where it is needed most — along the band hugging the U.S. […]

Killer Water

NEW ZEALAND – Nearly 80 children have died in an Eastern Cape district over three months, while the authorities sat on an explosive report that largely blamed deadly tap water for the spate of deaths. Read More here. Source : The Daily Dispatch (New Zealand)

Coping with Less Water

Freshwater is the ultimate renewable resource, but humanity is extracting and polluting it faster than it can be replenished. Rampant economic growth — more homes, more businesses, more water-intensive products and processes, a rising standard of living — has simply outstripped the ready supply, especially in historically dry regions. Compounding the problem, the hydrologic cycle […]

1 Lightbulb = 3-6,000 Gallons

It takes between 3,000 gallons and 6,000 gallons of water to power a 60-watt incandescent bulb for 12 hours a day over the course of a year. That statistic was published on Thursday by researchers at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, who have studied how demand for a dwindling natural resource–fresh water–plays into energy. […]

aSpain: Worst drought in 7 decades

MADRID – Spain is reeling from its most severe drought in 70 years with the nation’s reservoirs on average just half full, the Environment Ministry reports. Rainfall has been less than half of what’s considered normal for the last six months and reservoir levels were already low after two years in which normal rain levels […]

Photos: Losing our lakes

Scientists point to global warming, drought, growing demand and other factors to explain the contined drop in lake levels around the world. A photo collection from Newsweek provides perspective. Read More here. Source : Newsweek

Sachs: Water crisis will continue to grow

Environmentalists have long warned about the crisis in nonrenewable resources, such as oil. Water, of course, is the ultimate renewable resource—it falls from the sky—and therefore has been of less concern. But where and when rain falls, and what happens to it after it hits the ground, are crucial in determining the health and prosperity […]