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The Stream, July 2: New Modeling for Australia’s Murray-Darling River?

Australian state and federal water ministers have agreed for new modeling to be done on returning more environmental flows to the ailing Murray-Darling river system, ABC Radio Australia reported. As Circle of Blue has reported previously, the process to adopt new water use regulations for the basin has pitted states against states and environmentalists against […]


Ashley Murray

In developing countries, environmental arguments for keeping rivers clean sometimes just aren’t feasible. So entrepreneur Ashley Murray decided to create a financial incentive for cleaning up wastewater. She says her graduate work was spent trying to quantify the financial benefits of reuse and harnessing the resources in human waste. Murray proved that what most people […]


The Stream, May 28: Up in Arms Over the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

A revised management plan—with no change to surface water limits, but an even stricter cap on groundwater withdrawals—for Australia’s Murray-Darling river basin has infuriated many groups, especially farmers. The head of the New South Wales irrigators council called for revisions, lest “social and economic Armageddon” come to farm communities. Victoria’s water minister labeled the plan […]


The Stream, May 21: Negotiations on the Murray-Darling Draft Plan

The negotiations on a final plan for Australia’s Murray-Darling river system are well under way, with South Australian water officials summoned to give evidence to the federal parliament this week, The Australian reported. South Australia has lashed the draft plan for the basin, saying that it does not return enough water to the environment. Many […]


The Stream, April 12: The Murray Darling River Basin Draft Plan

As the consultation period for the draft plan on the Murray Darling River Basin draws to a close this week, a prominent Australian environmental expert said that the proposed plan is a step back from current arrangements. Why is the draft so controversial? Managing India’s water resources sustainably will be a top priority in the […]


The Stream, March 7: Australia Floods Stir Murray-Darling Debate

Extensive flooding in Australia makes the need to implement a new Murray-Darling Basin water management plan less urgent, argued the Water Minister of New South Wales, who called for delayed action on the reforms, according to The Australian. Two billion people gained access to safer drinking water between 1990 and 2010, meeting an international Millennium […]