A water transport construction worker rests atop a bulk water container near Tilda, northwest of Raipur in Chhattisgarh, India.

On Water and Energy, India Is Different

It’s been a couple of weeks since our Circle of Blue team completed its 27-day research trip to India.
Workers swarm a big water transport canal near Tilda, India undergoing repair and expansion to serve the steam production and cooling requirements of the region’s expanding number of big coal-fired power plants.

2012 Year In Review: At the Front Line of the Global Contest Over Water, Food, and Energy

Circle of Blue's senior editor Keith Schneider reflects on — and celebrates — this year's body of work from our top reporters.

Delhi Dispatch: Rice, Wheat, and Water Serve Up Equal Helpings of Punjab’s Wealth and Risk

Free power, water, fertilizer, and chemicals encourages abuse of resources for world’s number two rice and wheat producer.
india water truck delhi

Delhi Dispatch: No Running Water But a Delhi Slum Hut Community Teems With Life

Squatter village defies the label of temporary.

Weak Monsoon Raises Specter of Drought in India

Monsoon rainfall is 14 percent below average in India, which…

India Supreme Court Again Pushes National River Linking Project to Proceed

This is the second time the court has promoted the mega-project that would link the major rivers in the north with those in the south as a way to better manage water, moving it from areas of perceived surplus to areas without sufficient supplies.

NASA Compiling Landslide Database to Improve Disaster Response

Landslides killed thousands in Asia last week; NASA researchers are developing a tool for relief efforts.

Himalayan Outburst Lakes May Be Increasing GLOFs

More research needed to understand risk of glacial floods.

70 Percent of Himalayan Glaciers Gone by Next Century, Studies Say

Photographic and scientific evidence shows that the melting third pole is still devastating the region

The Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region

Images from the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region--including Bhutan, Nepal, China, Tibet and India

Indian Cities Face Sanitation Challenge

A recent survey on sanitation in India’s cities reveals the need for dramatic changes.

Drought in India Forces Talk of User Fees, Rainwater Harvesting

Fierce heat has allegedly killed dozens as country awaits arrival of monsoons.