California Regulators Hint at Forthcoming Urban Water Restrictions

The biggest water users will be required to conserve more than the thrifty.

California’s Voluntary Water Conservation Plan Is Not Close to Working

Deeper drought, warmer temperatures lead to more water use in…
A coal-fired power plant under construction near the Mahanadi River in Chhattisgarh

What Can Be Done to Strengthen India’s Natural Resource Management? [Part 2 of 2]

The good news is that India’s government has started to shift its priorities in terms of how it manages the country’s economy and natural resources.

On Meeting the Colorado River for the First Time

Circle of Blue reporter Brett Walton tastes the iconic river. Photo…
The cycle of risk produced by the policy of providing free water and free electricity to operate millions of irrigation pumps yields endemic surpluses, drains groundwater, contributes to brownouts and blackouts, and causes uneaten grain to pile up in outdoor storage areas, like this one in Punjab.

India’s Water, Food, Energy Conundrum: Conclusions From a Two-Year Reporting Project [Part 1 of 2]

For two years, the Wilson Center and Circle of Blue have explored…

World Water Day Ingredients Need Big Dash of Urgency

Senior editor Keith Schneider wonders if maybe a spokesperson and Xbox games are needed.

U.S. Ports Modernize While Water Supply and Quality Deteriorate

Savannah container terminal is a modern maritime showcase; Savannah…
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National Groundwater Awareness Week: 21 Stories on the World’s Most Abundant Source of Liquid Freshwater

Circle of Blue reports on groundwater supplies and pollution from California and Texas to India and the Middle East.

Wisconsin Iron Mine Plans Abandoned Due to Wetlands

EPA action under Clean Water Act cited as determining factor.…

Infographic: Water Footprint of Valentine’s Day

Ever wonder how much water goes into your wine and chocolate? Our Codi Yeager-Kozacek does the research for you.

Hawaii Transforms Watershed Protection With Technology

UAVs, satellites, and cameras used on the Mars rovers help managers…

Meghalaya Documentary — “Broken Landscape” — Premieres At Big Sky Film Festival

The film explores one of the world's most dangerous coal fields.