Shanghai Drought

Rains Bring Relief For Six-Month China Drought, But Chronic Water Problems Loom

Although now satiated, the dry spell is the latest in a growing trend of severe water shortages threatening China's food production, energy generation, and accelerating modernization.

Australia Builds Desalination Plants and Pipelines to Bring Water to Mines

To feed water-hungry mining industries, similar plans are in the works to supply drought-ridden regions of Australia and China.

Arizona's Gamble — Conserve Water Now, Prevent Deeper Cuts Tomorrow

For years, the state took as much water as it could from Lake Mead; now it plans to leave some in the reservoir.

Study Shows Malaria Infections Increase Near Ethiopian Dam

Reservoirs and stagnant streams created by dams can be conducive for mosquito breeding.

Drought in Philippines Forces Blackouts

Low reservoir levels have caused several hydroelectric plants to shut down or cut operations in the Southeast Asian country.

Peter Gleick: Temperance Flat Reservoir Falls Flat

Rigged feasibility study shows desperation for new surface reservoirs.

Yemen Uncovers Buried Water

hadhramautvalley After four months of exploration, engineers in Yemen have found an important new source of high-quality water.

Thirsty Atlanta to Battle Southeast States over Lake Lanier Water Supply

For nearly twenty years Florida and Alabama have turned a critical…

Lawmakers want study of water system

BAINBRIDGE, Georgia - U.S. Rep. Allen Boyd (D-Fla) and Florida…

Drought leaves 250,000 short of drinking water in north China

About 250,000 people in north China's Hebei Province, which neighbors…

Three Gorges cleanup effort fails to improve water quality.

Despite an ambitious, multibillion-dollar effort to clean up…