Strength of New EPA Lead Rule Depends on Accountability

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Septic Systems Contaminate Drinking Water Wells on Cape Cod

Pharmaceuticals, flame retardants, and other organic compounds found in small concentrations in household drinking water.

Infographic: Global Reservoir Storage Capacity

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U.S. Not Prepared for Tar Sands Oil Spills, National Study Finds

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Big Investment Updates Great Lakes Shipping

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Pope Francis Visit, VW Fraud, China Cap and Trade, and John Boehner -- How They Coincide

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Q&A: Bill Christiansen on the Sustainable Development Goal for Water Efficiency

Bill Christiansen, program manager for the Chicago-based Alliance for Water Efficiency, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the efficient and sustainable use of water, talks with Circle of Blue about the subgoal to improve water efficiency.

The Forgotten Great Lake

On Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, COB reporter Codi Kozacek found that much is happening, but not many are looking.