California Drought: A Dry January Closes and Dread Mounts

Snowpack in the already-parched state is near record lows, just 25 percent of normal.

World Economic Forum Ranks Water Crises as Top Global Risk

Water rises on the world agenda.

Photo Slideshow: China Completes Second Line of South-North Water Transfer Project

Massive manmade river begins moving water from central China to Beijing.
John Burchard, General Manager of the Alpaugh Community Services District, walks a ditch bank on the outskirts of town. The small farmworker community in California's Central Valley suffers from high levels of arsenic and other contaminates in its drinking water.

2015 Water Preview, Part II: National – States React to New Era of Water Scarcity

Water is priority in state legislatures and governors’ offices.

Map: Sao Paulo Water Supply Systems

Drought has placed Sao Paulo's Cantareira water supply system…

Yes, It’s Raining in California. No, the Drought Is Not Over

Just look at the Texas drought -- California could be waiting years to recover.

Water Supply at Risk, Las Vegas Considers $650 Million Insurance Policy

A new pumping station would draw water from the bottom of a shrinking Lake Mead.

Colorado River Research Group Delivers Message of Water Limits

Veteran scholars argue that creative solutions for the iconic watershed must begin with a hard fact, something our Brett Walton finds refreshing.

Corporate Water Risk Report: 5th CDP Survey of Top Global Companies

The details are lacking, as risk disclosures often have a narrow focus and significant data gaps.

Sao Paulo’s Water Waiting Game Avoided Rationing But Produced Huge Risk of Severe Shortage

Desire to protect the poor left Brazil’s driest city few options…

Californians Ring In New Water Year with Trepidation

Pervasive fear about consequences of another dry winter.

Western U.S. Governors Begin Drought Discussions

Better plans and more data are needed to guide response. Photo…