Spending to Conserve Water on California Farms Will Not Increase Supply

Benefits go to agriculture, but won’t help cities.

California’s Historically Dry 2013 Redefines Drought

Even the soggy parts of California saw less rain than Phoenix.

NASA’s GRACE Satellites Show Colorado River Basin’s Biggest Water Losses Are Groundwater (2005-2013)

During presentations this week at the annual fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union, researchers at the University of California, Irvine, announced that the region's most visible signs of drought – shrinking reservoirs – are dwarfed by groundwater losses.

Ongoing Texas Drought Threatens Supply from Two Reservoirs on Colorado River

With the amount of reliable water in reservoirs shrinking, water…

Kansas and Army Corps Revive Study to Ship Water from Missouri River to Ogallala Aquifer

In addition to reducing demand from its key aquifer, Kansas wants to study the cost of importing water to the High Plains. But will this cause conflict with neighboring states that also use the river?

What Is the IPCC Telling Policymakers About Climate Change and Water?

Oceans are rising faster and becoming more acidic, snowpack is…

Choke Point: U.S. — Water, Energy, and the Ohio River Valley’s New Course

Few places in the United States better understand the economically essential and ecologically risky accord between energy and water than this southeast Ohio town.
Colorado River

Fortune Telling: Colorado River Teeters Toward First-ever Shortage Declaration

In the short term, water prices would rise and groundwater pumping would increase. In the long term, demand would have to drop.

A Wild Ride Through Mongolia’s Resource Boom

A huge country with a tiny population navigates the problems…

Satellite Data Shows U.S. Water ‘Hotspots’

Scientists who use the GRACE satellite say they need more resources…

The Stream, April 17: Vietnam Farms and Dams Compete for Water Amid Drought

Water-Food-Energy A drought in Vietnam has uncovered tensions…

The Stream, April 10: Japan’s Fukushima Water Tanks Spring Leaks

A leak was discovered at yet another underground water storage…