Iceland empathizes with FIJI bottled water controversy

REKJAVIC, Iceland – Iceland has recently taken an interest in Fiji’s bottled-water tax crisis, reports MarketWatch. Both countries are islands that export the resource to the United States and Europe.

While Fiji’s private sector benefits from the nation’s mineral water, much of the Fijian population goes without access to safe drinking water, Iceland’s IceNews reports.

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Source: MarketWatch

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  1. Joseph Waterman says:

    Its funny this article has come out at the same time as this…
    REYKJAVIK, ICELAND — Jon Olafsson, the chairman of Icelandic Water Holding, which produces bottled water brand Icelandic Glacial, has been charged with tax evasion by the Icelandic government, according to an August 8 article in Icenews.

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