Tensions between Islamabad and New Delhi rise over water

With the Banglihar Dam up and running, Islamabad is renewing concerns over redirected waters. In a press statement issued by Pakistan’s official press agency, Pakistani President Zardari reiterated the importance of the Indus Waters Treaty and the value of the Chenab.

“Pakistan would be paying a very high price for India’s move to block Pakistan’s water supply from the Chenab river,” Zandari told the press.

In New York this September, Zandari met with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the U.N. summit, where they discussed the project and Indian’s commitment to the Indus Waters Treaty.

“Singh had assured me in our meeting in New York that his country is seriously committed to our water sharing treaty,” Zandari said. Adding that any conflict over the dam project “would damage the bilateral ties the two countries had built over the years.”

Circle of Blue recently reported on the controversy and the role of the U.S. in international water policy. Find a full size map of the region here.

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Source BBC

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