No more trips to the well, drinking straight from the tap in India

JAMSHEDPUR, India — For the first time in India, residents of Jamshedpur can get safe, potable drinking water straight from their household taps. The connections, which can cost willing residents an entire month’s salary, mark a turn in the way Indian’s receive their water.

“Yes, I paid a lot of money for the connection,” Manoj Singh told India’s Economic Times. “But it has been worth it. Now the women do not have to go and queue up for hours to fetch drinking water. We get clean water in our taps, 24 hours a day. Where else in this country will you get that?”

Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company Limited (JUSCO), a division of Tata Steel, ushered in the era of 24-hour reliable utilities to the city of 1.1 million. Jamshedpur is one of the richest and greenest cities in India, with reforestation projects managed by Tata Steel. It also boasts one of the highest per capita income in the entire nation. Without a formal municipal government, JUSCO maintains the city’s infrastructure.

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Source : Economic Times

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