Video: James Olson discusses the Great Lakes Compact

Video: James Olson Discusses the Great Lakes Compact

Video by Aaron Jaffe for Circle of Blue

In an interview with Circle of Blue, James M. Olson discusses the Great Lakes Compact: an international agreement intended to protect the Great Lakes Basin. Olson, an environmental lawyer specializing in natural resource law, highlights the possible unexpected consequences of the Compact. He is the senior principal at the law firm Olson, Bzdok & Howard. Read the entire transcript here.

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  1. William E. Marks says:

    James Olson makes several valid points. The Great Lakes Basin compact has dangerous loopholes that may threaten the future of Lake Michigan and the surrounding surface and groundwater resources.

    I highly recommend that anyone who cares about this issue – see the expose’ film “FLOW: For Love Of Water”, which explores this and other global water issues. This film will change you life! William E. Marks

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