Leave it to Beaver: Arkansas Water Department Warns About Imposters

As water grows increasingly precious to the southwestern United States, petty criminals are exploiting the crisis for profit. Residents of Fayetteville, Arkansas have been warned their water is not safe to drink. The information, however, does not come from the Beaver Water District officials. Scammers, imitating the district water testers, have recommended homeowners install expensive water purification systems — a ploy to sell their technology.

According to the Northwest Arkansas Times, the water district automatically samples its product and maintains consistently drinkable standards. “If you want to install an expensive water filtration system at your home for aesthetic purposes, such as taste and odor, then you have every right to do so,” Larry L. Lloyd, chief operating officer of Beaver Water District said. “But do not do so because you’ve been told your water isn’t safe to drink.”

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Source: Northwest Arkansas Times

Inset image of Beaver Lake Reservoir courtesy of the United States Geological Survey

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