The Stream, July 18: Lima, Algal Blooms, and Tibetan Glaciers

New research based on 30 years of observation suggests that glaciers have been rapidly retreating on the Tibetan plateau, part of a region known as the Third Pole that supplies water to 1.4 billion people, Nature reported.

Harmful algal blooms are occurring with greater intensity in Switzerland’s Lake Zurich, illustrating the threat climate change poses to Europe’s inland lakes, according to research from the University of Zurich, United Press International reported.

This map created by ETC Group shows where geoengineering projects—many aimed at increasing precipitation—are taking place around the world.

Supplying Cities With Water
Lima, Peru, the world’s second-most populous desert city, is facing a ‘perfect storm’ of rising water consumption and diminishing natural supply sources, according to the Global Post.

A water crisis is also looming in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka, where the population is exploding and groundwater is being rapidly depleted, AlertNet reported.

International Business Times analyzes the risk and rewards of Israel’s ambitious desalination program.

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