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The Stream, May 4: Unpaid Water Bills Could Foreclose Homes In Flint

The Global Rundown Residents of Flint, Michigan who have delinquent water accounts could face home foreclosure if they do not pay, despite concerns about lead. Violence between ranchers and herders in Kenya stems from historical land conflicts, not just drought, conservationists say. Cape Town, South Africa is still working to avert water cuts as its […]


The Stream, March 9: Congo River Records Lowest Levels In A Century

The Global Rundown The national power utility in the Democratic Republic of Congo warned electricity production is at risk after water levels in the Congo River dropped to their lowest level in a century over the past four months. More than 100 people have died in Somalia due to starvation and illnesses related to drought. […]


The Stream, February 14: Philippines Cancels Mining Contracts To Protect Watersheds

The Global Rundown The Philippines canceled dozens of mining contracts in an effort to prevent watershed degradation. California’s governor asked for federal assistance to repair the damaged Oroville Dam. Scientists warned that the Florida Everglades may be reaching a “tipping point” and called for restored freshwater flows. A U.S. federal judge denied a request by […]


The Stream, December 16: India Relaxes Stance On Indus Water Dispute

The Global Rundown Officials in India showed willingness to participate in talks with Pakistan over disputed hydroelectric projects in the Indus River Basin, despite earlier objections this month. Scientists in the United States warned Congress that rising sea levels due to climate change could significantly alter efforts to restore the Florida Everglades. Hundreds of thousands […]


EPA Announces National Wastewater Nutrient Pollution Census

Agency will study nitrogen and phosphorus removal at wastewater facilities. By Brett Walton, Circle of Blue The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calls nutrient pollution the “single greatest challenge to our nation’s water quality.” Rising concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus in waterways, the agency reports, are a significant threat to human health, ecosystems, and local economies. […]


The Stream, July 22: Understanding Drought And Unlocking Solutions

The Global Rundown An alarming number of citizens in China have been killed or are missing because of intense flooding. The history of drought in Ghana could hold clues to avoiding famine. One U.S. agtech startup is re-engineering drought-resistant seeds at the microbial level. Regional drought is effecting the Amazon’s ability to mitigate global carbon. An unlikely Olympic athlete from a […]


The Stream, July 21: Citizens Calling for More Government Assistance During Floods and Droughts

The Global Rundown Scientists in Israel are pulling water from out of thin air. Farmers in Australia remain out of luck when it comes to government subsidized drought insurance. Farmers in Afghanistan, however, are benefiting from government sponsored programs. The United Nations and South Korea have teamed up to support impoverished women in Viet Nam. Violence connected to water is […]